Trusted relationships yield greater value

It's been a busy and gruelling 2 years for the industry. What have you taken from it?
 We've all faced significant challenges in the last two years. It has given us an even greater appreciation of the long-standing relationships we've established with our wider team of super-talented contractors, core trades, suppliers and sub-contractors who we engage across multiple projects. They come from all areas across the design and construct spectrum - from surveying, geotechnical and service engineering, to planning, architecture and specialised trade and supply chains.
 Can you provide an example?
 Our long term associations set us in a better position to circumvent the material shortages currently challenging the industry. They put us in a better position to plan ahead and mitigate supply issues, avoid roadblocks that occur onsite and facilitate faster and smoother processes.

 Are the relationships based on how long you've known them for?
 The relationships always begin with us bringing together the very best in the industry for each specific project. The value escalates due to the level of mutual respect. We enjoy a consistent transfer of knowledge from project to project. Communication is clear and prompt with suppliers who share similar, high ambitions and understand our workflow. It gives us a solid platform for growth and innovation which is important to us.
 How does this relate on an administrative level?
 They are honest and open relationships so, from start to completion, we can manage expectations, accurately anticipate what's coming up and provide realistic timelines, supply orders and strategies for our clients and partners.

 And on a broader level?
 Our strong relationships allow us to rely on a more progressive, team-based approach to problem solving because it gives us a greater degree of flexibility to adapt to last minute changes, delays and potential procurement issues. There's a genuine sense of achievement that comes from working collectively and finding solutions to challenges in a flexible, more efficient way.

 Does it equate to increased productivity?
 With open lines of communication and a higher level of professional discourse, we can think on our feet so turn-around times are faster as there's an element of bureaucracy removed. Ultimately it fosters a strong sense of community within our extended team to allow us to provide the characteristic care, rigour and innovation that people expect from us.


December 6th 2021

LSR Team Member

Jake Tobin

Jake Tobin

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