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Advances in technology continue to transform the industry. How is LSR responding?
 LSR is amongst a few, progressive Australian companies using Procore software; a cloud-based management and digital ecosystem that's giving our client's and partners a noticeable, competitive advantage. It’s given us the platform to drive growth and value, and improve daily processes.

 How does this translate on a day-to-day basis?
 The system links everyone across the entire project with real-time updates, making the risks of paper-based document control a thing of the past. It bridges the divide between our office teams and the onsite workforce, not to mention our consultants and stakeholders. It's akin to a live representation of a filing system, so the entire project team is on the page – literally!

 So, communication is a key advantage?
 The platform's capacity to share information - from any device, and instantly - increases everyone's knowledge base which heightens efficiency and performance at every touchpoint of a project. We find it also encourages feedback and accountability. Site diaries, performance measures, contracts, budgets, deliverables, induction and compliancy are all stepped up.

 From a business point, this would obviously increase productivity?
 Absolutely. Although the outcomes go beyond improved productivity. Greater safety, quality, better working conditions and sustainability are all part of the broader picture. On a more basic level, it also takes us into a more sustainable, paper-free future. We're also providing Procore with regular feedback to develop the product so it aligns with changing market needs.

 LSR is highly regarded for challenging convention in an industry that's perceived to be quite traditional. What are your thoughts?
 I think our main aim is to break down barriers and increase efficiencies and value for our clients. If that means moving away from conservative processes, then that's what we'll do. Our investment in Procore underscores our adaptive mindset and a culture of constant improvement which continues to be at the heart of our success.


December 14th 2021

LSR Team Member

Dillon Holmes

Dillon Holmes

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